Fikra meaning in english

Related to pick: Pick's disease. To select from a group: The best swimmer was picked. To gather in; harvest: They were picking cotton. To gather the harvest from: picked the field in one day. To remove the outer covering of; pluck: pick a chicken clean of feathers. To tear off bit by bit: pick meat from the bones. To break up, separate, or detach by means of a sharp pointed instrument.

To take up food with the beak; peck: The parrot picked its seed. To steal the contents of: My pocket was picked. Music a. To pluck an instrument's strings.

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To play a tune in this manner: picked a melody out on the guitar. To decide with care or forethought. To find fault or make petty criticisms; carp: He's always picking about something. To be harvested or gathered: The ripe apples picked easily. The act of picking, especially with a sharp pointed instrument. The act of selecting or choosing; choice: got first pick of the desserts.

Something selected as the most desirable; the best or choicest part: the pick of the crop. To pluck or pull at, especially with the fingers. To eat sparingly or without appetite: The child just picked at the food.

Informal To nag: Don't pick at me. To shoot after singling out: The hunter picked the ducks off one by one. Baseball To put out a base runner standing off base by making a quick throw to a fielder. Used especially of a pitcher or catcher. To choose or select: picked out a nice watch. To discern from the surroundings; distinguish: picked out their cousins from the crowd. To take up something with a hand or other body part or with an instrument: Could you pick up that book?

The dog picked up the bone in its mouth. To collect or gather: picked up some pebbles. To tidy up; clean: picked up the bedroom. To take on passengers or freight, for example : The bus picks up commuters at five stops. Informal a. To acquire casually or by accident: picked up a new coat on sale. To acquire knowledge by learning or experience: picked up French quickly. To claim: picked up her car at the repair shop.

To buy: picked up some milk at the store.

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To accept a bill or charge in order to pay it: Let me pick up the tab. To come down with a disease : picked up a virus at school.This activity is understood in a similar way at least in some contexts to the modern concept of intuition.

In philosophy, common English translations include "understanding" and "mind"; or sometimes " thought " or " reason " in the sense of that which reasons, not the activity of reasoning. In Aristotle 's influential works, the term was carefully distinguished from sense perception, imagination, and reason, although these terms are closely inter-related.

The term was apparently already singled out by earlier philosophers such as Parmenideswhose works are largely lost. In post-Aristotelian discussions, the exact boundaries between perception, understanding of perception, and reasoning have not always agreed with the definitions of Aristotle, even though his terminology remains influential.

In the Aristotelian scheme, nous is the basic understanding or awareness that allows human beings to think rationally.

For Aristotle, this was distinct from the processing of sensory perception, including the use of imagination and memory, which other animals can do. This therefore connects discussion of nous to discussion of how the human mind sets definitions in a consistent and communicable way, and whether people must be born with some innate potential to understand the same universal categories in the same logical ways. Deriving from this it was also sometimes argued, especially in classical and medieval philosophy, that the individual nous must require help of a spiritual and divine type.

fikra meaning in english

By this type of account, it came to be argued that the human understanding nous somehow stems from this cosmic nouswhich is however not just a recipient of order, but a creator of it. Such explanations were influential in the development of medieval accounts of Godthe immortality of the souland even the motions of the starsin Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, amongst both eclectic philosophers and authors representing all the major faiths of their times.

In early Greek uses, Homer used nous to signify mental activities of both mortals and immortals, for example what they really have on their mind as opposed to what they say aloud. It was one of several words related to thought, thinking, and perceiving with the mind. In pre-Socratic philosophyit became increasingly distinguished as a source of knowledge and reasoning opposed to mere sense perception or thinking influenced by the body such as emotion. For example, Heraclitus complained that "much learning does not teach nous ".

Among some Greek authors, a faculty of intelligence known as a "higher mind" came to be considered as a property of the cosmos as a whole. The work of Parmenides set the scene for Greek philosophy to come and the concept of nous was central to his radical proposals.

He claimed that reality as the senses perceive it is not a world of truth at all, because sense perception is so unreliable, and what is perceived is so uncertain and changeable. Anaxagorasborn about BC, is the first person who is definitely known to have explained the concept of a nous mindwhich arranged all other things in the cosmos in their proper order, started them in a rotating motion, and continuing to control them to some extent, having an especially strong connection with living things.

However Aristotle reports an earlier philosopher, Hermotimus of Clazomenaewho had taken a similar position. For example, Empedocleslike Hesiod much earlier, described cosmic order and living things as caused by a cosmic version of love[9] and Pythagoras and Heraclitus, attributed the cosmos with "reason" logos. All other things partake in a portion of everything, while nous is infinite and self-ruled, and is mixed with nothing, but is alone, itself by itself.

For if it were not by itself, but were mixed with anything else, it would partake in all things if it were mixed with any; for in everything there is a portion of everything, as has been said by me in what goes before, and the things mixed with it would hinder it, so that it would have power over nothing in the same way that it has now being alone by itself. Concerning cosmologyAnaxagoras, like some Greek philosophers already before him, believed the cosmos was revolving, and had formed into its visible order as a result of such revolving causing a separating and mixing of different types of chemical elements.

Nousin his system, originally caused this revolving motion to start, but it does not necessarily continue to play a role once the mechanical motion has started. His description was in other words shockingly for the time corporeal or mechanical, with the moon made of earth, the sun and stars made of red hot metal beliefs Socrates was later accused of holding during his trial and nous itself being a physical fine type of matter which also gathered and concentrated with the development of the cosmos.

This nous mind is not incorporeal; it is the thinnest of all things. The distinction between nous and other things nevertheless causes his scheme to sometimes be described as a peculiar kind of dualism. Anaxagoras' concept of nous was distinct from later platonic and neoplatonic cosmologies in many ways, which were also influenced by EleaticPythagorean and other pre-Socratic ideas, as well as the Socratics themselves.

In some schools of Hindu philosophya "higher mind" came to be considered a property of the cosmos as a whole that exists within all matter known as buddhi or mahat. In Samkhyathis faculty of intellect buddhi serves to differentiate matter prakrti from pure consciousness purusha.

The lower aspect of mind that corresponds to the senses is referred to as " manas ". Xenophonthe less famous of the two students of Socrates whose written accounts of him have survived, recorded that he taught his students a kind of teleological justification of piety and respect for divine order in nature.

This has been described as an "intelligent design" argument for the existence of God, in which nature has its own nous. Plato used the word nous in many ways that were not unusual in the everyday Greek of the time, and often simply meant "good sense" or "awareness".The island nation comprises a small archipelago made up of 51 natural islands and an additional 33 artificial islandscentered around Bahrain Island which makes up around 83 percent of the country's landmass.

According to the census, Bahrain's population is over 1. Bahrain is the site of the ancient Dilmun civilization. Following a period of Arab rule, Bahrain was ruled by the Portuguese Empire from untilfollowing the conquest by Shah Abbas I of the Safavid dynasty under the Persian Empire.

In the late s, following successive treaties with the BritishBahrain became a protectorate of the United Kingdom. Init declared independence. Formerly an emirateBahrain was declared an Islamic constitutional monarchy in Inthe country experienced protests inspired by the regional Arab Spring. Bahrain developed the first post-oil economy in the Persian Gulf[18] the result of decades of investing in the banking and tourism sectors; [19] many of the world's largest financial institutions have a presence in the country's capital.

It subsequently has a high Human Development Index and is recognised by the World Bank as a high-income economy. Bahrayn is the dual form of Arabic bahr "sea"so al-Bahrayn originally means "the two seas".

It remains disputed which "two seas" the name Bahrayn originally refers to. The Parthians established garrisons along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf to control trade routes. During the classical eraBahrain was referred to by the ancient Greeks as Tylosthe centre of pearl trading, when the Greek admiral Nearchus serving under Alexander the Great landed on Bahrain. The use of these is not confined to India, but extends to Arabia.

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Alexander had planned to settle Greek colonists in Bahrain, and although it is not clear that this happened on the scale he envisaged, Bahrain became very much part of the Hellenised world: the language of the upper classes was Greek although Aramaic was in everyday usewhile Zeus was worshipped in the form of the Arabian sun-god Shams.

The Greek historian Strabo believed the Phoenicians originated from Bahrain. In the 3rd century, Ardashir Ithe first ruler of the Sassanid dynastymarched on Oman and Bahrain, where he defeated Sanatruq the ruler of Bahrain. Bahrain was also the site of worship of an ox deity called Awal. Worshipers built a large statue to Awal in Muharraqalthough it has now been lost.

For many centuries after TylosBahrain was known as Awal. By the 5th century, Bahrain became a centre for Nestorian Christianitywith the village Samahij [46] as the seat of bishops.

Inaccording to the Oriental Syriac Church synodal records, a bishop named Batai was excommunicated from the church in Bahrain. The names of several Muharraq villages today reflect Bahrain's Christian legacy, with Al Dair meaning "the monastery". Muhammad 's first interaction with the people of Bahrain was the Al Kudr Invasion. Muhammad ordered a surprise attack on the Banu Salim tribe for allegedly plotting to attack Medina.

He had received news that some tribes were assembling an army in Bahrain and preparing to attack the mainland. But the tribesmen retreated when they learned Muhammad was leading an army to do battle with them. Inthe Qarmatiansa millenarian Ismaili Muslim sect, seized Bahrain, seeking to create a utopian society based on reason and redistribution of property among initiates. Thereafter, the Qarmatians demanded tribute from the caliph in Baghdadand in sacked Mecca and Medinabringing the sacred Black Stone back to their base in Ahsain medieval Bahrain, for ransom.

According to historian Al-Juwaynithe stone was returned 22 years later in under mysterious circumstances. Wrapped in a sack, it was thrown into the Great Mosque of Kufa in Iraq, accompanied by a note saying "By command we took it, and by command we have brought it back. Following their defeat by the Abbasids[61] the Qarmatians were overthrown by the Arab Uyunid dynasty of al-Hasawho took over the entire Bahrain region in Inthe Bedouin Usfurids brought down the Uyunid dynasty, thereby gaining control over eastern Arabiaincluding the islands of Bahrain.

Inthe archipelago became a tributary state of the rulers of Hormuz[25] though locally the islands were controlled by the Shi'ite Jarwanid dynasty of Qatif. Inthe Portuguese Empire allied with Hormuz and seized Bahrain from the Jabrid ruler Muqrin ibn Zamilwho was killed during the takeover. Portuguese rule lasted for around 80 years, during which time they depended mainly on Sunni Persian governors.

fikra meaning in english

The latter were tribes returning to the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf from Persian territories in the north who were known as Huwala. Bahrain was not new territory to the Bani Utbah; they had been a presence there since the 17th century.Maana ya maisha ni mojawapo kati ya ma suala makuu kuhusu thamanimadhumuni na umuhimu wa binadamu kuwepo duniani na wa maisha kwa jumla.

Suala hilo linaweza kujitokeza katika ma swali mengi tofauti yanayohusiana, kama vile Mbona tumekuwepo? Binadamu anajiuliza maswali kama hayo hasa anapokabiliana na kifokwa mfano msiba wa ndugu au rafiki. Limekuwa suala kuu la udadisi wa sayansifalsafa na teolojia tangu zamani. Kumekuwa na idadi kubwa ya majibu kwa maswali hayo kutoka asili mbalimbali ki itikadi na ki utamaduni. Maana ya maisha imechanganyikana kwa undani na dhana za falsafa na imani za dini na hugusia masuala mengine mengi, kama vile ontolojiatunukusudimaadilihiariuwepo wa Mungurohona kinachoendelea baada ya maisha haya kwisha.

Michango ya sayansi kawaida ni ya moja kwa moja na inaeleza uhalisia kutokana na mambo yanayopimika kuhusu ulimwengu ; sayansi inatoa muktadha na mipaka kwa mazungumzo kuhusu mada zinazohusika.

Mbadala ni mtazamo wa kifalsafa unaokabili swali: "Ni nini maana ya maisha 'yangu'? Kwamba sayansi inaweza kutusaidia kuelewa zaidi masuala ya msingi kama vile maana ya maisha inazua mabishano mengi katika jamii za sayansi na falsafa ya sayansi. Hata hivyo, sayansi inaweza kutupa muktadha fulani na huyaweka mipaka kadhaa mazungumzo kuhusu mada kama hizo. Sayansi huenda ikashindwa kutuambia nini ni cha thamani maishani, lakini baadhi ya fani zake hugusia maswali yanayohusiana: watafiti katika saikolojia chanya hutafuta sababu zinazoleta hali ya ndani ya 'kuridhika na maisha', [22] kujihusisha kikamilifu katika shughuli, [23] kutoa mchango mkubwa zaidi kwa kutumia vipawa vya binafsi, [24] [25] n.

Aina moja ya mfumo wa thamani iliyopendekezwa na wataalamu wa elimunafsia ya jamiiiitwayo kwa upana "Nadharia ya Kupambana na Mambo ya Kutisha", inasema kwamba maana yote ya binadamu inatokana na hofu ya msingi ya kifoambapo maadili yanachaguliwa yanapotusaidia kuepukana na kumbukumbu ya kifo.

Sayansi ya nyurolojia imetunga nadharia ya maliporaha na msukumo katika masuala ya ki mwili kama shughuli za kupitisha ujumbe za kinyuro. Ikiwa mtu anaamini kwamba maana ya maisha ni kufanya raha ziwe nyingi iwezekanavyo, basi nadharia zinatoa utabiri unaozidi kuongezeka, kuhusu jinsi ya kufanya ili kufanikisha hilo.

Maana ya maisha

Somo la kijamii linapima thamani katika ngazi ya kijamii kwa kubuni nadharia kama vile nadharia ya thamani kanuni n. Nadharia ya mageuko ya spishi haijaribu kuelezea asili ya uhaibali mchakato ambao viumbe tofauti vimepitia katika kipindi chote cha historia ya dunia kupitia mabadiliko ya ghafla ya kijenetikia na uteuzi wa kiasili [26] Mwishoni mwa karne ya 20kwa kuzingatia ufahamu wa mabadiliko ya viumbehai unaotegemea jeni hasa, wanabiolojia George C.

WilliamsRichard DawkinsDavid Haig na wengineo, walihitimisha kwamba ikiwa kuna kazi msingi ya maisha, ni kujinakilisha kwa DNA na kuendelea kuwa hai kwa jeni za mtu.

Ingawa wanasayansi wameyachunguza maisha yalivyo dunianikuyafafanua bayana bado ni changamoto. Wanabiolojia kwa jumla wanakubaliana kwamba viumbe mbalimbali ni mifumo inayojipanga inayosimamia mazingira ya ndani ili kudumisha hali hii ya mpango, shughuli za kimetaboli hutumika kutoa nishati, na uzazi unaruhusu uhai kuendelea kwa vizazi vingi.

fikra meaning in english

Kwa kawaida, umbile huwa sikivu kwa uchochezi na habari za kijenetikia, hivyo huelekea kubadilika kutoka kizazi hadi kizazi ili kuruhusu marekebisho kupitia mabadiliko ya mwili. Sifa hizo huongeza nafasi ya kuishi ya kiumbe binafsi na wazao wake kwa mtiririko huo. Viwakala visivyokuwa vya seli vinavyozaana, hasa virusikwa jumla havitazamwi kama viumbehai kwa sababu haviwezi kuzaana kwa "kujitegemea" au kuendesha shughuli za kimetaboliki.

Pambano hilo ni tatizo, ingawa baadhi ya vimelea na visimbayonti vya ndani ya mwili pia vinaweza kuishi kwa kujitegemea. Astrobiolojia inajihusisha na uwezekano wa kuwa na aina tofauti ya viumbe hai katika ulimwengu mwingine, kama vile miundo ya kujinakilisha kutoka vifaa vingine visivyo DNA.

Ingawa dhana ya Mlipuko mkuu ilipotolewa mara ya kwanza ilipambana na shaka kwa wingi, pia kutokana na uhusiano na imani ya dini ya uumbajibaadaye imekuja kuungwa mkono na uchunguzi kadhaa wa kujitegemea.

Wanafizikia wengi wamedadisi nini inaweza kuwa imetangulia, na jinsi ulimwengu ulivyoanza. Hata hivyo, haijalishi jinsi ulimwengu ulivyokuja kuwepo, hatima ya binadamu katika ulimwengu huu ni maangamizi kwani - hata kama ubinadamu utaishi muda mrefu - uhai wa kibiolojia hatimaye yatashindwa kujiendeleza. Hali ya kweli na asili ya fahamu na akili yenyewe pia vinajadiliwa sana katika sayansi. Suala la hiari pia linaonekana kuwa na umuhimu wa msingi.

Masuala hayo hupatikana zaidi katika nyanja za sayansi koginitivunyurolojia na falsafa ya akiliingawa baadhi ya wanabiolojia wa maendeleo ya uhai na wanafizikia wa kinadharia pia wameliashiria sana suala hilo. Mbinu nyingine, kwa vile Mfano wa Rasimu Nyingi, hudai kwamba fahamu inaweza kuelezwa kikamilifu na nyurolojia, kupitia utendaji kazi wa ubongo na nyuroni zake. Nadharia za sumakuumeme za fahamu zinasema eneo la sumakuumeme linalotokana na ubongo ndilo hasa linalobeba fahamu zoefu.

Hata hivyo kuna kutokubaliana kuhusu kutekelezwa kwa nadharia kama hiyo inayohusu utendaji kazi kwingine kwa akili. Nadharia za akili za ki kwontamu hutumia nadharia ya kwontamu kuelezea baadhi ya sifa za akili.

What does the word malady mean

Ikitegemea hoja ya maelezo ya akili yasiyoweza kugusika, baadhi ya watu wamependekeza uwepo wa fahamu ya kikosmikiwakidai kwamba fahamu kwa kweli ndiyo "msingi wa yote kuwepo".Could you be the first to post one.

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Former Chelsea hero John Terry is desperate to return to action before the end of the year after breaking his footBirmingham City FCThis goal crisis is leaving Birmingham City so vulnerable: The post Fulham talking pointsBrian Dick identifies his findings after BCFC fail to score in defeat at Craven CottageEducationIs going to university a waste of money. Fulham vs Birmingham City - analysis, opinion and commentaryJoin us in the press box at Craven Cottage for Birmingham's trip to face FulhamTescoWestminster Bridge terrorist Khalid Masood bought knife at Birmingham Tesco store before attackKiller also researched Islamic State online before mowing down pedestrians and stabbing PC Keith PalmerBirmingham City FC Transfer NewsStriker signs and Maikel Kieftenbeld agrees new contract - Birmingham City's dream January transfer windowBCFC will again be busy in the January transfer window with several players' futures to be decidedAston Villa FC Transfer NewsSam Johnstone signs and Aston Villa solve their striker crisis - Steve Bruce's ideal January transfer windowAston Villa are expected to be busy in the January transfer window with plenty of players' futures to be resolvedAston Villa FCHere's what became of Graham Taylor's class of 88 - the last Aston Villa team to win promotionAVFC are primed for a sustained tilt at promotion - but what happened to the last Villa team who achieved that feat.

The man behind new Blues owner Trillion Trophy Asia, has been named one of the 20 wealthiest people in the West MidlandsAston Villa FCSteve Bruce on when Aston Villa fans can expect to see Mile Jedinak, John Terry and Jonathan Kodjia in actionThe thoughts of the Aston Villa manager ahead of the match against MillwallWolverhampton Wanderers FCSteve Bruce and Steve Cotterill have annoyed Wolves fans - here's what other Championship bosses think of the leadersWolves are flying and Nuno is manager of the month - but what are his rivals saying.

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This is the date and time in which the project was created with microsecond precision. True when the project has been created in the development mode. In a future version, you will be able to share projects with other co-workers. A description of the status of the project. This is the date and time in which the project was updated with microsecond precision. Example: 1 data optional Data for inline source creation. Example: true file optional File containing your data in csv format.

Empty string if the source has only single column. Example: true limit optional The maximum number of items that will be used for summarization and modeling.

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